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Enter a New Dimension in Music Making Today!

Bob Playing the Gravikord at AppleFest 2007

You're Never Bored...              with a Gravikord TM ....                                        You're Never Bored...              with a Gravikord TM ....                                       You're Never Bored...              with a Gravikord TM ....

An Original Electric Double Harp Developed from the African Kora

® is an electric double harp developed from the West African kora. It has been featured in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a patented new invention that has been variously described as "a harp for a bongo player" also as "two harps on a stick to go," or by Garrison Keilor as "A harp for active persons." It is an electric double harp made of modern materials in an ergonomic and minimalist design. It has a 24 string three and one-half octave range of notes, and the general tonal structure of an African kalimba or imbira where notes of a scale alternate from side to side making adjacent strings always in intervals of major or minor thirds. This tonal arrangement makes it a very sweet and open instrument to learn. Because its structure is different from most Western instruments, often simple techniques can magically lead to intricate results. Its African roots embue it with a beautifully rich and fascinating poly-rhythmic nature.

The GRAVIKORD ® "Signature Series"TM is our current artist quality production model. It is the fully realized design of the Gravikord. As such it is signed on the base of the tuning block by Bob Grawi, the inventor. It weighs about 5 pounds and measures 51" long, 7 ½" wide, 5 ½" high. It fits into most airplane overhead luggage compartments and travels easily. You won't have to buy an extra ticket for it! The frame is made of welded stainless steel, the tuning machines are nickel-plated metal, the handle balls are silver-plated, the tuning block is wood. The bridge is machined from a black synthetic material specially selected for strength and to balance the brightness and warmth of the instrument’s tone. The GRAVIKORD ® "Signature Series,"TM comes complete with an adjustable tone bar, a black clip-on combination visual ground - guiro rhythm attachment, attached full length co-axial instrument cord, a signed and dated "Certificate of Authenticity," and a full "Gravikord Owner's Manual" with a generous supply of strings. Click here for more interesting information about playing the Gravikord [ Manual Updates] and click here to see a variety of parts and accessories available for the Gravikord [ Parts Lists ].

The GRAVIKORD ® "Signature Series,"TM is a fully functional electro-acoustic instrument that can be plugged into any guitar type amplifier and be played. Alternatively it is a unique collector’s item. The sound quality is full with a resonant harmonic complexity arising from the sympathetic vibrations of the unplayed strings. It is rich, beautiful, and strong and sets the standard for our currently made instruments. Read more about the Gravikord in the Story of the Gravikord and EMI Magazine Article.


The Gravikord Signature Series Model.

The Gravikord Signature Series, Bridge Close-up Detail.

Hands in the Playing Position for the Gravikord.

The Gravikord Signature Series on Deck, Another View.

The Gravikord Signature Series, Tuning Block End View.

Instruction Manual, Certificate, & "Spirit Man"TM Strings.

Instrument with Optional "Gig Bag" Custom Travel Case.

The "Gravikord Signature Series" is our current 24 string three and a half octave model. It is 51" long, weighs approximately 5 lbs., has a welded stainless steel frame, wood tuning block, metal tuning machines, and a machined arched bridge. It is an electric double harp made of the finest modern materials in a design of elegant simplicity. It comes complete with a full instruction manual including tuning guide lines and tips on learning and playing the instrument, a generous supply of strings, a co-axial instrument cord, an adjustable tone bar, a black clip on visual string background & guiro rhythm attachment, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the inventor, and an mp3 sound file to help in tuning up the instrument.

Unsolicited endorsements from new Gravikord Owners:

"UNBELIEVABLE! A work of art. I can't say how impressed I am with it. Many Thanks!"
from Nancy Wilson - Jazz musician/historian, Pacific Palisades, CA

"I recently bought a Gravikord... I have to tell you I'm truly loving it. I can't put it down. I am totally is indeed true, "You're never bored with a Gravikord..."
from Ken Kramer - Brooklyn, NY

"I've been playing lots of gigs with the Gravikord. All my rhythms are original and some up tempo dance beats with the Gravikord on top, very different!"
from Ziko Heart - Sydney, Australia

"The Gravikord is MORE than a kora and as an electro-acoustic instrument it can play music kora players can only dream a largely unexplored new musical territory."
from Peter Pringle - Musician/Thereminist, Magog, Quebec

"The Gravikord is truly glorious! Thanks so much for bringing it into the world. I'm gratefully addicted. Wow! Was there really life before the Gravikord?"
from Saggio - Arizona Flute Master

Bob & Pip - The Gravikord Duo playing "Celtic Trilogy"

Daniel Berkman Pitch Bending one of our Earlier Instruments.

Bob,s arrangement of "Adagio Cantabile" a Beethoven classic.
Also a great historic slide show of other performances and other instrument owners
including Ziko Hart from Australia, Jacques Burtin from Spain, and Kane Mathis from Vermont.

For those dedicated kora players who desire a more modern electronic instrument.

The Gravi-kora on Deck, Side Detail View.

The Gravi-kora Bridge and Handle Detail View.

The "Gravi-kora Signature Series " is a 21 string instrument made to emulate the playing experience of the traditional West African kora. The gravi-kora is a new instrument we have developed from the requests and input of several kora players. It is made for all acomplished players of African griot music, and players already dedicated to the kora. The instrument is supplied with the standard additional parts of the gravikord as noted above and a full selection of strings, but since the kora is not a standardized instrument, final string selection and tunings are up to the buyer. However the gravikord our original balanced 24 string three and a half octave instrument is recommended for new western players of this type of double harp lute. For a further discussion comparing these two instruments see:
[ Wikipedia Gravikord Article ]

Unsolicited endorsement from a new Gravi-kora Owner:

"I got my instrument all strung, tuned up, and played it last night and it sounds and feels great. I am expecting to use it a lot and am finding it very useful. Plugged in to my amp it really sounds a LOT like a traditional kora, in some ways more so than my traditional kora does plugged in."
from Kane Mathis - Traditional kora master from Vermont, USA

Jacques Burtin plays "Danseuse Espagnole" on the Gravi-kora

The Gravikord & The Gravi-kora
are available worldwide only through us.

Buy The "Gravikord" Now Online!
The Gravikord
(S&H Free within USA)
The Gravi-kora
(S&H Free within USA)

Join us on this new musical adventure,
It's your ticket for the trip of a lifetime.
We guarantee you'll have a good ride!


CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF SALE: Our instruments the "Gravikord" and "Gravi-kora" are currently available at the price of $1,995 each. We have tried to keep the price reasonable, however when considering this it must be compared to the price of a custom handmade full size artist quality folk harp ($2500 to $5000). These are beautiful, enduring, original, custom-made high quality musical instruments, and not mass-produced guitars. We generally have several average sized Gravikords on hand that can be sent out quickly. But if your hands are especially large or small, send us an outline of your hands as if ordering gloves. Since these are custom made instruments, certain adjustments can be made especially for you that you may not even notice but will appreciate. We will make your custom instrument from these drawings. Gravi-koras are only made on a per-order basis. Custom made instruments may require six weeks or longer for delivery. You can order using PayPal and most Credit Cards with the "Buy Now" buttons above. If you are in the USA and are ordering a custom made instrument from us, you may pay $1,000 deposit by personal check to start your order, but full payment must be made before the instrument is sent out. We will notify you by email when your instrument is near completion. You can send your check (USA only) or US Postal Money Order, to the below address. Shipping and Handling with full insurance is included in the price for orders within the lower 48 continental United States. For international orders there will be an additional S&H charge depending on your location. Email us for shipping rates with your complete address and local postal codes. International orders please only use our PayPal "Buy Now" buttons above as these allow for immediate currency conversion.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Import duties, and tax charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility and are unique to each country. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up – Please do not confuse them as additional shipping charges from us.

Why wait - You won't find these instruments in music stores or anywhere else! Now you can join us in this exciting new musical adventure....If you are receiving sound with this page then you're listening to the Gravikord!"


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[ Replacement Parts and Accessories Lists ]

[ Updates to the original Gravikord Owner's Manual ]


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Tuning Left Rank then Right Rank

The GRAVIKORD "Signature Series"TM and the "Gravi-kora" are our own original hand made instruments. We don't import them from China, or job lot them... Everybody these days is looking for a good deal... The deal here is a beautiful unique rare musical instrument that would otherwise be unavailable...We have tried to keep the price reasonable, however when considering this it must be compared to the price of a handmade full size artist quality folk harp ($2500 to $5000). These are beautiful, enduring, original, custom-made musical instruments, and not mass produced guitars, and believe it or not it's a very good deal!


Bob Grawi
P.O. Box 106
Florida, NY 10921

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