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"Whale Bone Bass"

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"Whale Bone Bass"TM
Our New Washtub-Type Drum Bass

Liberate the bass player within! Have endless fun playing along with Paul Simon, Dr. John, Van Morrison, and all your favorite CDs. No need to be a bass player already, though they like it too. If you can sing (sense of pitch), and tap your feet to the music (sense of rhythm), you can play "The Whale Bone Bass." It's only slightly harder to play than air guitar, it's a gasss! Use it professionally, it will stand up to the stand-up bass but is much easier to take along. Bass tracks on our new CD "Pursuit of Happiness" are Bob on "The Bone." No whales were injured making this product!

What's the "WHALE BONE BASS?"
aka "THE BONE"

The "Whale Bone Bass," is an elegant refinement of the funky washtub bass type instruments. It is also musically an extremely flexible and beautifully sounding instrument. The drum shell is maple, with a specially modified 22" Remo Sound Controlled head, all hardware is chrome metal. The instrument is finished in a clear natural wood finish. It has four permanently attached wooden legs, a convenient off-duty neck holding attachment, and large wood foot rest with a non-skid surface. The neck, is anodized aluminum with a bonded ebonized wooden head and foot. It can be readily played by right or left handed players without any special adjustments. Because it has only one untuned string it has the amazing and rare quality that it can be played in an any key immediately and with equal ease, great for jamming with anybody. It is a highly intuitive instrument, there is almost no learning curve. It has a wonderfully open naturally feeling technique, and you will soon find that all you have to do to play well is to listen well.

Although the "Whale Bone Bass" has just one string it still has an over three-octave range, much greater than its folk washtub and broomstick counterpart. This is due to the extended length of its uniquely curved wood and metal neck, which has the shape of a whale's rib bone, hence "the Bone." This original design gives super low notes and at the same time allows for easy fingering access to the two higher octaves. It's range is nearly that of the classic acoustic four string stand-up bass, and it's sound is warm, sweet and strong.

The "Whale Bone Bass" is great fun to play with friends, they'll all want to try! It's also a great teaching tool useful in the ear training of young musicians! The pitch of the notes is made by holding the string against the neck and varying the tension of the string by applying lateral force to the neck. A good basic playing technique is to hold the neck where plucking at moderate tension sounds the root note of the desired chord, then the third and fifth of that chord are easily made by continued plucking and pulling laterally on the neck without repositioning your hand. Accurate fingering is not very important as the final pitch is determined by neck tension. With this technique you need only move your hand at the chord changes. You can easily play very fast passages and conserve a lot of energy in this way! The better you listen the better you'll play, playing "the Bone" will soon become as natural as singing or whistling.

There are many ingenious things that will occur to you while playing. Some of our favorites are the foot vibrato, the wedding ring click, and the guest brushes player! You'll figure out more! If you ever thought you wanted to be a bass player here's your pass! Also included is an easy instruction manual, a drum tuning key, and a light protective foam neck case for traveling, and a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed by the creator. The neck, which can be seen in the close up photo, is the one made of anodized aluminum with a bonded ebonized wooden head and foot. (Please Note: The instrument you receive will have the wood and metal neck as in the close-up photos, and the lighter drum body with the new partially transparent modified Remo sound controlled head, as in the page top photo. The cowgirl pictured is in the playing position on an earlier bass model that is no longer available.) It's also great for home recording. If you are receiving sound with this page the bass track is being played on "the Bone."


The Whale Bone Bass at Rest.

The Bridge Pin and Neck, Close-up Detail.

Drum Body w/Controlled Sound Head, Close-up Detail.

Dawn Playing Our Original "Whale Bone Bass" Model.

The Drum Tensioning Key with Instructions.

What You Get: The Drum & String, Neck & Case, Key, Instructions & Certificate.

Listen to Bob playing the Whale Bone Bass on an original composition.
(Use a system with good bass speakers or headphones.)

Join us on this new musical adventure,
It's your ticket for the trip of a lifetime.
We guarantee you'll have a good ride!


"I LOVE the Whale Bone Bass - delightful - very well made and carefully thought out."

- Jaron Lanier, Sausalito, CA. (originator of the phrase "virtual reality")

"Thanks for the most fun instrument I have ever owned. I'm proud to be a Bonehead!"

- Jim Brooks, Birmingham, AL.

"KILLER! Muchos gracias. Whalebone = a good time!"

- Andy Taub - Brooklyn, NY.

"Thanks for such a Great Instrument. Its a Blast to play & Expertly Crafted!!!"

- Steven Pomponio - Bronxville, NY.

If you can sing in the shower... (sense of pitch)
And dance in the dark... (sense of rhythm)
You can play the "Whale Bone Bass!"


Buy the "Whale Bone Bass"TM Online Now!
($68.00 S&H with insurance to USA lower 48 states)


Order the "Whale Bone Kit"

Convert your own bass drum... Kit includes the curved metal and wood neck, the bridge pin, protective foam neck case for traveling, the string, the string end piece, the drum head reinforcement pad, and simple instructions only. You need an old 22" bass drum, the rest is up to you!

Buy the "Whale Bone Kit"TM Online Now!
($25.00 S&H with insurance to USA lower 48 states)



We accept PayPal, Major credit Cards through PayPal, US Postal Money Orders, and Personal Checks (this may delay shipment till clearing the bank). Full price is $499.95 shipping and handling with full insurance is $68.00 for orders within the USA lower 48 states. Others please email us your full mailing address including postal codes before ordering. We will email you an invoice with the appropriate S&H fee for your location. Most of Europe OK, but some countries have package length limits which make shipping prohibitive. International orders please use PayPal only as this allows for immediate currency conversion. Delivery can take several weeks depending on our orders and stock, we will notify you by email when your instrument is sent out. We usually ship by USPS Parcel Post with full insurance.



Now you can amplify just your "Whale Bone Bass" without using a microphone and therefore not picking up any other ambient noises. Our new pick-up is designed just for the "Whale Bone Bass." Easy to install just untie the string end piece, and replace with our new piezo end piece! The instrument cord jack can be attached to one of the cross braces, all of this is out of sight inside the drum body! Then you can plug into any amp or sound board mixer and play right up front with everyone else!

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Join us on this new musical adventure,
It's your ticket for the trip of a lifetime.
We guarantee you'll have a good ride!

The "Whale Bone Bass" is an original hand made beautifully elegant instrument. We don't import them from China, or job lot them...The high quality parts and materials alone cost us more than $200.00 per bass before any work is done... Everybody's looking for a good deal these days... The deal here is a beautiful unique rare musical instrument that would otherwise be unavailable... Unfortunately we can't afford to produce and sell these for less... It's almost a labor of love as it is... And believe it or not it is a good deal!

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