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Bob Grawi on his lyrical new instrument the Gravikord, together with Pip Klein on flute and David Dachinger on bassoon, are"The Gravikord Ensemble" an innovative union of wind, reed and strings. Pip plays a tropical bird-like flute, and David can make a bassoon sound like a funky slap bass and more! Their original, folk and jazzy pop instrumental music is intoxicatingly upbeat and joyful with a rhythm that refuses to be pinned down in any way. "Grawi's flowing, syncopated picking style is reminiscent of Kottke/Hedges finger style." (From a review in Dirty Linen Magazine) The Ensemble performs world wide and has appeared at numerous venues and private functions, including The Venice Italy Carnevale, New York's Rainbow Room, Pete Seeger's Clearwater Festival, and Washington's Kennedy Center. The Gravikord is available for bookings as a duo with flute; or as ensemble with bassoon and percussion.

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All recordings feature our polyrhythmic new folk "jazzy pop" music composed by Bob Grawi, and performed by the Gravikord Ensemble. The programs are all professionally recorded, and consist of mostly instrumental programs, 2/3 new original music and 1/3 traditional American and world folk-inspired music.

Featuring solo, duo, trio and ensemble cuts, our latest recording. Seven new originals - Midway, Running with the Wildebeest, Too Sweet for the Street, Piccadilly, Eleuthera, Accidental Etude, and Cherries & Stars. Also has Celtic Trio (Molly Malone, Wilde Mountain Thyme, and Danny Boy); Folk Medicine (Blue Tail fly, Old Cotton Fields, Iko Iko, Jumbalaya, Turkey in the Straw); a little bit of Bach (Wachet Auf) and Beethoven (Ode to Joy), A Paraguayan solo harp piece. 48 minutes. BG-429-CD / BG-428-TAPE

"C&S" 10 sec. demo.WAV(Windows) 217K, 22.3 hHz
"C&S" 10 sec. demo.AIFF(Macintosh) 217K, 22.3 hHz
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The Gravikord Ensemble, all feature Gravikord, Flute, Bassoon, Percussion & more. Nine original pieces - On A Roll, Three Finger Waltz, Jungle Walk, Off Beat Rondo, A Leaf From Heaven, Take That, In The Mode, Tin Roof Rain and Buzz of the Hive. Also has folk favorites: Amazing Grace, Simple Gifts, Shenandoah and Home Dearie Home. 45 minutes. BG-427-CD / BG-426-TAPE

"RT" 10 sec. demo.WAV(Windows) 217K, 22.3 hHz
"RT" 10 sec. demo.AIFF(Macintosh) 217K, 22.3 hHz
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Gravikord Solo as Cassette Only, has one duo song with Flute; includes Tennessee Waltz, Gather by the River, T'aint Nobody 's Business, plus seven original instrumental compositions - Take That, On a Roll, Skinny Dippin', Off Beat Rondo (duo with flute), Picadilly, Snowy Streetlight, and Hearing Double. 30 minutes BG-425-TAPE

"MW" 10 sec. demo.WAV(Windows) 217K, 22.3 hHz
"MW" 10 sec. demo.AIFF(Macintosh) 217K, 22.3 hHz

Available only in medium, large, and extra large; full color image on white cotton T-Shirt; If you like our music, Wear Our Shirt! This cartoon was created by Jeff the "Fezz" Fessenden, a man who is quite fast on the draw. We met him on Cape Cod at a crafts fair and soon became fast friends.


Cassette Tapes $9.95, CDs $14.95; Shipping & Handling add $4.50. If you wish to order a cassette tape of "Cherries & Stars" or "Rising Tide" just click on the "Making Waves" Cassette button above and order that. Then when filling in the PayPal form there will be an area where you can add a note. Tell us there which of the recordings you want to recieve as a Tape Cassette.

We accept PayPal, Major credit cards through PayPal, US Postal Money Orders, Personal Checks will delay your shipment. International orders double shipping, PayPal only for international orders.

If mailing in send your order, payment, and full mailing address to:

Bob Grawi
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Florida, NY 10921

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