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EXPERIMENTAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - Eclectic magazine of the unusual put together lovingly by Bart Hopkin. This is truly a unique publication and will faithfully reward your curiosity when it comes to the non- traditional, non-corporate driven world of creative instrument makers! Lots of interesting links.

KORA JALIYA -Everything and more you want to know about the kora and kora playing, tuning, etc. put together comprehensively by Harald Loquenz of Austria, also a player. Quite an extensive discography of historic and new kora recordings. Mostly in German.

THE DIGITAL TRADITIONS FOLK SONG DATABASE - A great resource to find those old folk song lyrics and tunes that are always just hovering around at the edge of consciousness.

FREEWEBS.COM - A great free resource if you need more space on the web to store files. You can put up extra sound files and photos and who knows what else and link to them from your site, or even create your own free web site there. What a world...

MEDIA CONVERT - A great free resource if you need to convert sound files to different formats. We went from Real Audio to MP3 flawlessly. No need to download any programs, you do it all on line on their site. Many different services offered for free - check it out if you need to convert file formats!

THE HARP PAGE - A handy independent unbiased resource for all sorts of harp information. Lots of links.

THE WASHTUB BASS PAGE - Too cheap to buy our elegant high class "Whale Bone Bass" but still want to try your hand at playing a funky folk gut bucket? See what's out there and make your own with the extensive help of this great site. Just looking through the gallery of pictures is an education in human creativity.

CRAIG MARCUS - A great guitarist, met at his sister's wedding. Link is to his web site He has given me permissionto use his cut "Festival" an original beautiful jazzy solo guitar piece as the ground to improvise over with my instrument the "Whale Bone Bass." See the results on the youtube video on our bass page.

MP3.COM - The music business is one of exclusion, these people are inclusive. Click here to get three full songs free, "Off Beat Rondo", "Cherries & Stars", and "Take That". Enjoy the songs, but you can only buy the cd's from us or Amazon.Com. Thanks.

GUILD OF AMERICAN LUTHIERS - Quite a handy resource for creative instrument makers! Focus is mostly traditional (read guitars) but their links are handy for supplies, techniques,etc. Don't leave without checking out their jokes page.

CHESS VARIANTS PAGE - Hans Bondlarnder, Utrecht University maintains a page of chess game variations including our own "Chess-in the -Round" and more fun!

DIGITAL PHOTO WORKS - Do you like this web site? Do you live near NYC? Contact Marc, he got me started. He'll do your work and teach you at the same time.

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