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A Handy Tough Little Welding Accessory.

If you've got your own small oxy-acetylene set, or are saving some $BIG BUCKS$ by buying the parts for it on eBay or elsewhere, you'll need and love "The Lil' Mama Tank Tote"TM . It's painted Safety Red, and is ready to go where there's trouble, or just to hold the tanks when you take them back to be exchanged. It has a handy "Double D" rack up front where you can hang your hose, and in the back behind the acetylene tank there's a snug place for some welding rods and to stick in your nozzle. The two big holes in the back can be used to chain it up so it won't accidentally fall down or take a walk.

"The Lil' Mama Tank Tote"TM in Action

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This portable cylinder tote is sized just right for 20CF Oxygen tanks and 10CF "MC" acetylene tanks. We are offering the red tote only - the picture with welding tanks in place is only to show "The Lil' Mama Tank Tote"TM in action.

Anyone who's involved in buying any kind of compressed gases these days knows that the people making the rules have been working overtime... If you've tried to buy one of the commercial small oxy-acetylene tank carriers you'll find out they are almost impossible to get separately, only as a complete system with tanks, regulators, torches, etc... and for a hefty price. "The Lil' Mama Tank Tote"TM was made by a cabinet maker who was frustrated by not being able to buy a commercial model.

It's constructed out of 3/4 and 3/8 inch exterior plywood, solid poplar wood, with plated steel handle, exterior glue, steel fasteners, exterior paint. Wood is less slippery and also gives it a larger footprint which makes this tank tote more stable than the commercial plastic ones. You don't want your oxy-acetylene set crashing down and busting a regulator. And besides, it won't melt or crack... and people like it! You know you need "The Lil' Mama Tank Tote"TM so here's your chance to get one.

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