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WHAT'S "THE GRAVIKORD DUO?"                                                          WHAT'S "THE GRAVIKORD DUO?"                                                          WHAT'S "THE GRAVIKORD DUO?"

Bob Grawi, his instrument, the Gravikord®, and the popular lyrical music of his group "The Gravikord Duo & Ensemble," are creating a new high energy harp tradition in America today.

"A show stopper"- The New York Times

"A harp for active persons!"- Garrison Keillor

"Bob plucked shimmering, syncopated arpeggios while Pip shook maracas and played sunny, symmetrical melodies on flute." - Jon Pareles, The New York Times.

"Sounds as sweet as several harps played in harmony..." - Smithsonian Magazine.

"Whenever Bob Grawi begins playing, people are immediately transfixed by the clear modal melodies and counterpoint that he weaves."- Guitar Player Magazine

"Grawi's flowing, syncopated picking style is reminiscent of Kottke/Hedges finger style." - Dirty Linen Magazine

Bob Grawi on his lyrical new instrument the Gravikord and Pip Klein on the classical silver flute and percussion are "The Gravikord Duo," with other guest musicians, they become "The Gravikord Ensemble." The Duo and Ensemble have performed their unique "New Folk Chamber Jazz" in many venues world wide and are always joyously received. On their recorded music, Bob's virtuoso Gravikord style, coupled with Pip's tropical bird-like flute, and Dave's low down fluid bassoon, are intoxicatingly upbeat and joyful with a rhythm that refuses to be pinned down in any way.



WHAT'S THE "GRAVIKORD" and the "GRAVI-KORA?"                                                           WHAT'S THE "GRAVIKORD" and the "GRAVI-KORA?"                                                           WHAT'S THE "GRAVIKORD" and the "GRAVI-KORA?"

THE GRAVIKORD: The "Gravikord Signature Series TM" is the current artist quality model of our electric double harp, with 24 nylon strings, inspired by the West African kora and Bob's love of polyrhythms in music. First built as an acoustic model out of bamboo, the "Gravikord"TM evolved over a decade into a contemporary electric harp of stainless steel and modern materials. Enriched by the sympathetic vibrations of the unplayed strings, the "Gravikord" TM has a unique captivating rich harp-like sound, making its music appeal to audiences everywhere. The "Gravikord" TM is featured in "Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones," a full color book-CD from Ellipsis Arts, and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art show "Enduring Rhythms" in New York City

THE GRAVI-KORA: The "Gravi-kora TM" is a 21 string instrument made to emulate the playing experience of the traditional West African kora. The "Gravi-kora TM" is a new instrument we have developed from the requests and input of several kora players. It is for all acomplished players of African griot music, and players already dedicated to the kora who desire a more modern electric instrument.



One on one live international lessons with Bob via SKYPE. You must have your own skype video account, and your own gravikord tuned to "G" major at "A" 440. Choose from: Introductory ryhthm lessons, Learn songs from our repertory, In tempo Delay lessons, and more... Lessons are $50.00 USD per hour and are offered in English only. Gravi-kora lessons are not offered. Click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button and we will email you with the details and schedule your own private lesson.

WHAT'S THE "WHALE BONE BASS?"                                                  WHAT'S THE "WHALE BONE BASS?"                                                  WHAT'S THE "WHALE BONE BASS?"

THE WHALE BONE BASS:The "Whale Bone Bass" TM is our latest instrument design only available through us. Liberate the bass player within! Have endless fun playing along with your favorite CDs. No need to be a bass player already, though they like it too. Only slightly harder to play than air guitar, it's a gasss! The "Whale Bone Bass" TM is an elegant refinement of the funky washtub bass. It is an extremely flexible and beautifully sounding instrument.

Although it has just one string it still has an over three-octave range, much greater than its homemade folk washtub and broomstick counterpart. This is due to the extended length of its uniquely curved wood and metal neck, which has the shape of a whale's rib bone, hence "the Bone." This original design gives super low notes and at the same time allows for easy fingering access to the two higher octaves. It has the amazing and rare quality that it can be played in an any key immediately and with equal ease, great for jamming with anybody. It's range is nearly that of the classic acoustic four string stand-up bass, and it's sound is warm, sweet and strong. The "Whale Bone Bass" TM is great fun to play with friends, they'll all want to try! Use it professionally, it will stand up to the stand-up bass, but is much easier to take along with you. No whales were injured in the making of this product!


WHAT IS "CHESS IN THE ROUND?"                                                          WHAT IS "CHESS IN THE ROUND?"                                                          WHAT IS "CHESS IN THE ROUND?"

A NEW CHESS GAME: If you like chess, you'll love "Chess in the Round." TM Don't be a square chess player anymore! Liberate Yourself! Play "Chess in the Round," TM a new circular chess game. You'll no longer have your back against the wall, but you can attack and be attacked from the rear!

But beware, this is not a game for smug traditionalists that know it all. Then again it is just as rigorous as standard chess since all the rules of normal chess apply. Everything you know about king's pawn opening and queen's pawn opening etc. are relevant, but with a new twist. Bishops execute graceful spirals, Rooks are in orbit, the Queen is in her glory, and the Pawns have had a population explosion! Can you resist "Chess in the Round TM?"


WHAT'S "BOB'S ENDLESS SELTZER SYSTEM?"                                                          WHAT'S "BOB'S ENDLESS SELTZER SYSTEM?"                                                          WHAT'S "BOB'S ENDLESS SELTZER SYSTEM?"

BOB'S ENDLESS SELTZER: Tired of having flat store bought seltzer, or putting those wimpy CO2 charges into a siphon for a couple of glasses of weak soda water? There is nothing quite as refreshing as cold bubbly strong fresh seltzer! "Bob's Endless Seltzer" TM is an unusual opportunity to make REAL SELTZER, egg creams, ice cream sodas, Italian style fruit sodas, yogurt frappes, mango lassies, and all kinds of spritzers from 100% natural juices, wines and spirits, and more right in your own kitchen. The possibilities are truly endless…and amazingly, ONCE IT'S INSTALLED THERE ARE ALMOST NO EXPENSES! Do you have any idea of how many gallons of this you will drink in a year? Do you have any idea of how much money you'll save over the years? Not to mention neighborhood bragging rights! Believe me there is nothing else like this available. If you've decided that you have lived much too long without Real, Never Flat, Always Fresh, Bright Seltzer, in Your Own Home, now you can have it too!


WHAT'S THE "GULL WING BOBARANG" and the "BIG MOUTH BOBARANG?"                                                          WHAT'S THE "GULL WING BOBARANG" and the "BIG MOUTH BOBARANG?"                                                          WHAT'S "THE GULL WING BOBARANG" and the "BIG MOUTH BOBARANG?"

BOOMERANGS: The "Bobarang"TM is a brand new hand made high quality large 18" wide wing throwing boomerang. It is guaranteed to return - we don't sell sticks! (What do you call a boomerang that doesn't return?....) The "Bobarang"TM is the intellectual's frisbee! Each one is hand decorated with the old hippie's classic karmic credo... "What Goes Around... Comes Around..." Which in this case is not only a beautiful abstract philosophical concept, but is demonstrably true!

We offer four different items; the "Gull Wing Bobarang" TM shown here, and the "Benarang 3" TM both made from birch plywood with a warm glowing natural finish; the "Big Mouth Bobarang" TM a brightly painted novelty boomerang; and the "Father & Son Bobarang Set" TM for family fun. All are hand crafted boomerang works of art made and signed by Bob Grawi and are beautiful unique gifts for you or the folks you love.


WHAT'S "BEN'S BOOK MARKER?"                                                          WHAT'S "BEN'S BOOK MARKER?"                                                          WHAT'S "BEN'S BOOK MARKER?"

A NEW BOOKMARK: The "Ben Book Marker"TM is a brand new, kid designed bookmark by fourth grader Ben Grawi, that allows you to pick up a book you were reading and quickly return to the last line you read. Just move the sliding arrow to indicate your exact place on the page. Simply flip the marker over to mark the opposite page. We liked it so much we decided to make it available for everyone! Click on the image to the right to get the whole story.

The "Ben Book Marker" TM comes laminated three on a sheet, with full instructions on how to make and use them. It's a DIY (do it yourself) easy fun craft project too. You'll only need a scissors, and a hole punch to assemble them! Great gifts, for students, friends, and family. You get 3 "Ben Book Markers" TM on a sheet.


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